Join the Sustainable Pioneer Valley Compact

As part of our efforts to advance the strategies outlined in Our Next Future, we have prepared a “Sustainable Pioneer Valley Compact.”  It is an agreement to encourage a collaborative approach to implementing the key sustainability strategies recommended for our region and its people.  We invite all municipalities, colleges, businesses, civic organizations and non-profits in MA to consider joining together with us in this regional compact to help make a more resilient and sustainable Pioneer Valley.  Read the compact, share, sign, and send back to us!

A Sustainable Action Agenda

As the culmination of this multi-year grant, the Sustainable Knowledge Corridor Consortium is presenting its Action Agenda for the Sustainable Knowledge Corridor.  The recommended actions listed in this document are hoped to move the region toward a connected, competitive, vibrant and green future. The Agenda outlines not only the actions that need to be taken, but also which partners are best suited to take up the charge. The Sustainable Knowledge Corridor is One Region with One Future. Please take the time to read this Agenda and see where you fit in.

Making it Happen: New TOD Market Analysis Available

Transit-Oriented Development is strongly tied to real estate market conditions, demographics, transit-friendly industries and other factors. "Making It Happen" is a 12-page executive summary of the conditions, opportunities and strategies to encourage TOD near the 19 transit stations for CT Fastracks, New Haven-Hartford-Springfield, and Vermonter realignment in Connecticut and Massachusetts. The full report is also available as a 70 MB download.  For more information on this project, visit the project page.

Sustainable Regulation Models Complete!

The Sustainable Land Use Regulations Project has assisted a group of Capitol Region communities with the creation zoning models for use in the Captiol Region and beyond. Topics addressed include Solar, Geothermal & Small Wind Energy, Energy-efficient LightingCommunity Gardens, Infill Development & Off-Street Parking and more. We invite you to visit the project page to find the final model regulations and to see and learn how these regulations, when implemented, can help build more vibrant, livable and sustainable communities!

Shared Future Across Borders

The Sustainable Knowledge Corridor is an exciting initiative for the Hartford-Springfield region that will implement key projects to catalyze economic growth opportunities and position this unique location as a leader in sustainable community development.

Click here to learn more about the Sustainable Knowledge Corridor region and project.

A Region for Sustainability

The Knowledge Corridor has been selected as a participating region in the Sustainable Communities initiative, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. With a $4.2 million award we will create a foundation of opportunity for all of the corridor’s 1.6 million residents—in housing, education, transportation, employment, nutrition, and community resources.

Click here to learn more about the nationwide Sustainable Communities Initiative.

Improving Our Communities

The Sustainable Knowledge Corridor has partnered with six municipalities to upgrade critical infrastructure in the region. From improving the streetscape in Enfield to revitalizing the heart of downtown in Springfield, to linking transit hubs with new developments in Enfield and Holyoke, these projects aim to improve  the livability of urban centers.

Click here to learn more about the region's Catalytic Projects.

What's Important to You?

And how do you think the region matches up with your priorities? Share with us what you value most in your community. Identifying our collective concerns is the first step towards making better, more sustainable communities.

Click here to use the online tool MetroQuest to rank your priorities and let us know how we're doing as a region right now.

Get Involved!

Lend your voice to the Sustainable Knowledge Corridor project by taking part in a community dialogue about the challenge of maintaining work, housing, health and opportunity in the Hartford-Springfield Region.  Join us as we gather facts, stories and opinions about ways we can bring about an equitable and sustainable future for us all.

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Get Involved

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Our Mission

To preserve, create and maintain a sustainable, economically competitive, and equitable bi-state region.

What Is It?

Learn more about the background of this project, the history behind the Knowledge Corridor and the Sustainable Knowledge Corridor Consortium.

What Are We Doing ?

Find out more about the seventeen different projects and programs to be carried out over our three year grant period.

  • The Pioneer Valley Planning Commission is pleased to present a new Pioneer Valley Sustainability Toolkit. The Toolkit has several goals:• To assist communities, by providing technical assistance and resources, to help them in adopting strategies to take action on climate change, promote use of...
  • Sustainable Knowledge Corridor Full Length VideoSKC Full Length Video 11-28-2014 from eTown Videos on Vimeo.SKC Summary VideoVideo Segment 1 of 5SKC Summary 11-28-2014 from eTown Videos on Vimeo.SKC Connected Corridor VideoVideo Segment 2 of 502 SKC Connected segment 11-24-2014 from eTown Videos on...
  • Today, Dan Hodge of the UMass Donahue Institue presented the Knowledge Corriedor Talent & Workforce Strategy to the attendees of the Knowledge Corridor State of the Region event in Hartford, CT. If you missed it, or want to see more, you can find everything you need here!  Full report (PDF...
  • Washington, D.C. (May 8, 2014) – STAR Communities announced today that Northampton, Massachusetts, is the first city in the United States to be awarded the 5-STAR Community Rating, STAR’s highest possible designation, and a recognition of Northampton’s strong record instituting a wide range of...
  • Our Next Future, the Pioneer Valley regional plan for sustainability, is now available as a PDF download (35MB--may require long download times over slow connections). The plan summarizes the findings and recommended actions of detailed regional plans for brownfield clean up, transportation,...

What Is Sustainability?

See what it means to have a sustainable community and learn how the Knowledge Corridor region can become one.

How Are We Doing?

Get the facts and figures as we measure our progress on achieving regional sustainability goals.