Transit Enhancement Bus Study

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The consulting team of Nelson/Nygard Consulting Associates, Fitzgerald and Haliday, Inc. and URS Corporation were hired to assist with these projects.   Final reports for the Enfield and Windsor studies have been posted (see below).

About the Project:

This project will develop recommendations for changes to on-street bus systems to improve linkages to job centers and new transit investments that increase economic opportunity and mobility for all citizens, especially the residents of economically disadvantaged neighborhoods. This work will be closely coordinated with the transit provider, CTTRANSIT. Specifically, the study will focus upon three communities:

  • Enfield, the largest community in the region that does not have regular local bus service today, hosts several state offices that need to be accessed by transit users and has a large transit dependent population. Enfield currently has no rail service but the New Haven Hartford Springfield passenger rail proposal will reestablish a station in the Thompsonville section of Enfield. Enfield received an earmark in SAFETEA-LU for the development of a bus intermodal center, to be located adjacent to the proposed rail station.   The bus service study has been completed and recommends that a loop bus service be operated by the town.  The full recommendation is included in the final report (link below).

                                              - Final Report
                                              - Report Appendices

  • With a thriving retail area adjacent to a highway interchange, Manchester has long been identified as a location where a mini bus hub in the retail area could provide opportunities for reorienting bus service to provide improved linkages within town and to destinations outside of town. A link to the final report for this study is below.  

                                 - Final Report

  • Windsor, is home to a large corporate office park area and currently has an Amtrak station in the town center which will be improved to become a commuter rail station. The Northwest Corridor Transit study recommended that the corporate area develop a transportation management association which can provide shuttle bus service to the office locations from a proposed transit hub.  This study examined the potential for, and the current corporate interest in, establishing a transportation management association.  The final report recommends that the region move forward in a stepwise fashion, beginning with an informal association progressing to a full Transportation Management Association.

                                              - Final Report